The Las Vegas Market Is HOT!

The Vegas market has had a lot of Good News in the last couple years. The Market is gotten back to a sustainable climate with a Median Home Price of $285,000. Summer is nearing and  Short sales are now less than 9.3% of the market, Bank Owned homes are down to 2.7% of the available market. It's time to Buy or Sell.  In the Real Estate Market you need an agent with real experience. One that has seen the issues that come up and knows how to help you push thru them.. I am that agent. Call me today 702-285-3444 

Want to Buy a Home?

If you're like alot of 1st time home buyers, then you're probably getting advice from all over, and those people are all encouraging you to buy a home. Wondering if it's the right thing to do? Is it the right time? Relax... I am an expert. With a 30 minute free buyer consult, I can help you see if buying a home is a good fit for you. Email me today and let me help you on your way to becoming a home owner. The American Dream is only a dream if you don't act on it.




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Want to sell your Home?

Americans seem to want to move, on avearage, every 5-7 years. There are many reasons one might chose to sell their home.

1. Home is too small/big

2. Job transfer

3. Personal relationship change.

4. Change in the Neighborhood

5. Empty Nest

Whatever the reason. You need an experienced agent to help you get that home sold. That's where I come in. Email me today to get your home sold FAST.

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Need Advice about the Market?

Experts Predict Investors will exit the market in 2015, clearing the way for traditional buyers and the new Millennial pool of buyers. Most of the news you hear today about the Real Estate Market is talking about the National Market as a whole. Not all Real Estate Markets are treated equally. While nationally, they might expect 3% Appreciation in 2015, In the Las Vegas Valley they predictions are better. I'm hoping we'll see about 8% appreciation this year.



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