10 Great Ways Selling a Home During the Holidays Benefits YOU!

Home selling during the holidays…it works!

Holiday season is fast approaching and you are considering selling your home during the holidays. You planned on making a killing in the spring market but somehow you never managed to stage your home and do the necessary repairs to put in on the market in time. Summer came and went in a flutter of family actives and vacations. Now here you are in late fall. Lucky for you it is a seller’s market and the inventory is low! Homes are selling with multiple offers and escalation clauses well over the asking price. Don’t beat yourself up because you never got around to painting the living room! There is still time to prepare your home for the fall/winter market. Here is how home selling during the holidays can work to your advantage!

1. Buyers looking for a home during the holidays are seriously motivated!

There are plenty of buyers that missed their dream home this spring or have simply been looking long and hard for that special property. Maybe they put some offers in earlier in the year and lost out in a multiple offer situation. Buyers are online following the real estate market daily waiting for that special home to be listed and yours might just be the one they were looking for! The buyers that come out during holidays are seriously motivated to buy!

2. Your home looks wonderful during the holidays! Capitalize on it! Emotion plays a big part in home purchases.

What doesn’t scream “BUY ME” more that a beautiful home decorated for the holidays. Buying is a very emotional thing and when a home is warm and welcoming it makes a huge difference. Let them imagine their family homecoming in your home this holiday season!

3. Rising interest rates = less qualifying buyers = lower home prices.

If you wait for spring to sell the interest rates may go up and home prices may drop. Higher rates affect the purchasing power of the buyer and you may lose money on the sale of your home.

4. Less Competition: You don’t have to compete with the spring market!

Since most people think that the spring is the ultimate time to sell you will find that your home will have some stiff competition. Maybe your neighbor is selling lower than you. You have to wait for that home to sell before yours might be considered by possible buyers. True, in the spring the landscape is looking better but you still have to fight the competition. You will also have an easier time booking a moving company during the winter months. In the spring you may have a 6 week wait for a mover. Plan ahead!

5. Buyers have more time off work to look during the holidays.

It can be very difficult for buyers to look at properties during the work year. Many take time off during the holidays and have more free time to preview homes.

6. Traditionally relocation happens in January. List now for January/February closings!

Many companies relocate employees at this time and they are serious buyers. You get less neighbors and tire kickers looking at your home and more qualified buyers.

7. Many people have tax reasons to buy before year end.

If you close by December 31, you can deduct property taxes, mortgage interest, points on your loan and interest costs.

8. More international buyers that don’t observe the same calendar year as us.

There are many more potential international buyers that will be looking at purchasing property during our holidays. Don’t miss this opportunity to sell!

9. Internet searches for homes increase during the holidays. More exposure!

Internet usage is up during the holiday and social media marketing is booming. Your home can get maximum exposure at this time increasing you chance of a great sale. Make sure your agent is an expert at social media marketing. It is extremely important in today’s world when most home searches begin on the internet!

10. You can control the showings and create blackout times and dates for a stress free holiday season.

Many people don’t want to be bothered with the phone interruptions and home showings during the holidays. You can have blackout times to help you and your family enjoy the holiday without interruption.