Want to Own a Vacation Rental in Henderson Nevada?

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Do you own a Vacation Rental in Henderson Nevada? or Have you Considered this type of purchase recently? Here’s what you need to know.

Henderson Nevada’s updated Short Term Vacation Rental Fees.

To own a vacation rental in the City of Henderson, Nevada there are some fees and permitting you need to consider. In the City of Henderson, you must register your home as a vacation rental. The registration fee is $820 per year. You’ll also have to pay the taxes and occupancy fees. Las Vegas Convention Center gets 1.5%. There’s a transient tax of 4%. The City of Henderson wants 2% of your rental income. The Tourism and School Fund gets 2%. The Transportation District gets 1%. The State Education fund gets 3%, and last but not least is Clark County with another 1.5%. That’s a total of 15% of your rental income going to permits, fees, and taxes. The rest is all yours. Unless you have a management company handling it for you. Then there’s their 5 to 15%. Owning a vacation rental inside the City of Henderson Nevada has become more and more difficult for the homeowner. If you have more questions about real estate, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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