Home Prices Up In Nevada and 2017 Forecast is Good

The Las Vegas housing market continues to see gains. In 2016, the Las Vegas housing market saw increases in the number of sales vs. 2015. Also, with this increase in sales the inventory levels have decrease by 13.6%. This is a formula for a Good Appreciating Real Estate Market in 2017. The Law of Supply and demand dictates this simple deduction. Even though there has been a slight uptick in the FED rates, which would effect a buyers ability to purchase, I don't expect the rates to rise so drastically that it will effect this upwards home pricing trend.

Why is the Las Vegas Valley looking forward to a Good Housing Future?

  • Las Vegas homes are still low on the affordability scale.

  • We now have a Professional NHL Franchise, the Vegas Golden Knights, which will drive more people to move to the valley.

  • The NFL and it's team owners are leaning towards moving the Raiders to Las Vegas, which will also increase our population.

  • The Las Vegas Convention Center is expanding from its current location on Paradise all the way to the strip, adding 26 more acres to the property.

  • Las Vegas is set to become the next Silicon Valley- Zappos (moved into old Las Vegas City Hall), Switch (the worlds leading fiber optic data center with 9 facilities and building 3 more/ bought up Enron's network when they tanked) , Faraday Future ( N. Las Vegas plant currently being built, will employ 6000 people, and the infrastructure that was put into place in Apex will draw more companies to the Valley), Hyperloop (the future in mass transit built a test track at Apex), the InNEVation Center (65,000 square feet of collaborative workspace driving new tech startups

  • Every year more than 40 Million People visit Las Vegas.

  • Tony Hsieh's Downtown Project is going to turn downtown Las Vegas into a moneymaking center of commerce and culture.

  • Henderson homes for sale are

Vegas is Looking Good for 2017!!

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