78% of Homebuyers and Sellers Say the Presidential Election Is NOT Impacting Their Plans

So, I read a story the other day. It's headlines were the total opposite of mine the story headline read "22% of Homebuyers and Sellers Say the Presidential Election Is Impacting Their Plans". What do you think? My headline is just as true as the other one, but I'm not FEAR MONGERING to Public....The Truth is that the election is the election is the election. Every 4 years we get to hear "This year's Election is going to be UNPRECEDENTED" Really? We've never seen an election like this one? Again?!... Every 4 years we elect a new president, or keep the one in office for another 4 years. It's no different than 2016, or 2012, or 2008, etc., etc. But they sure make you want to think this is the end of the world or something...It's not. Believe it or not, no matter who ends up winning the race this year on November 3rd, on November 4th we can all finally agree to the that "at least we don't have to see any more of those dumb negative election attack ads." We can finally go back to medically self diagnosing our pains for all the BigPharma ads will be back on tv ad cycles. Until at least the end of next year, Maybe.

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