How Connected Tech is Changing Real Estate

From home solar power generation to wifi connected lights, cameras, doorbells, appliances, irrigation, and security systems. The future is clear. The residential solar market installed 738 megawatts of capacity in the 3rd quarter of 2020 alone. That is up 14% from 2nd quarter according to SEIA. People are turning their homes into individual power plants, saving money on their electric bills, and reducing their carbon footprint. The shift has been slow and there have been a few set backs along the way, but it's happening.

Governments around the globe are looking at phasing out diesel and gas powered vehicles. GM announced last month, that they plan on selling ONLY zero emission vehicles by 2035. They are preparing 30 new vehicle designs to make this commitment a reality.

In the US, one State after the next is upscaling their renewable energy goals to become less dependent on dirty power. Check out this link to see what your state's goals are. Now, as we saw in Texas this last week, being completely dependent on renewable energy may prove impossible. A huge snow storm caused rolling blackouts across the state. Solar panels don't work with piles of snow on them, but can we learn something from this event...Certainly. I'm sure there are already brainiacs across the country developing technology that help prevent snow from accumulating on panels.

WIfi enabled devices are beginning to fill up our homes to allow us to easily access all kinds of things we may have not thought possible. Forget what you needed at the grocery store? There are connected fridges that have cameras on the inside so you can check out what you might need at the store.. Alexa helps you create shopping lists that can be shared with the family and added to while your at the store. Ring can tell you whos at your door while your out of town, and if you connect your Ring to your wifi enabled door lock then you can even let that person in if need be. Phillips and many other lighting companies can help you set the mood with just a few words from your voice. It's really amazing, all the possibilities that are on the horizon. I look forward to the future.

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