The Importance of Solar Energy to Nevada

      Want to learn more about how adding solar panels to your home can be a benefit? Since 2008, we have been following the solar and renewable industry news and photovoltaic technology updates, and studying it's benefits and how they relate to residential and commercial real estate. In addition to a Real Estate license and Property Management permits, Jacob Mitro also has a Nevada Photovoltaic License. He puts his money where is mouth is and his money went to education in the industry.

       The benefits are pretty straightforward when it comes to the environment, but as the technology has improved and the cost of production of the parts of the solar system overall have come down, it has never been a better time to invest in solar. As of February 2021, the average solar panel cost in Nevada is $2.64/W. Given a solar panel system size of 5 kilowatts (kW), an average solar installation in Nevada ranges in cost from $11,220 to $15,180, with the average gross price for solar in Nevada coming in at $13,200. After accounting for the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and other state and local solar incentives, the net price you'll pay for solar can fall by thousands of dollars. Renewable Energy has out produced coal for the first time ever in coal's history in 2019. Many of the coal plants in the US have been scheduled for decommissioning. 546 plants have announced being decommissioned  2010-2019 equaling 102 gigawatts of energy, and another 17 gigawatts will be decommissioned by 2025. Nevada is the perfect place for solar energy to thrive. 

     The UNLV and the University of Rochester's physicists have developed a new superconductor that can function at room temperature in a diamond anvil cell. All superconductors before this needed to be super cooled to within a few degrees of absolute zero (-273 degrees C) in order to work. “It’s a revolutionary game changer,” said Salamat, who leads the Nevada Extreme Conditions Lab at UNLV. “The discovery is new, and the technology is in its infancy and a vision of tomorrow, but the possibilities are endless. This could revolutionize the energy grid, and change every device that’s electronically driven.”     

      Superconductors, when integrated into the power grid, prevent a loss of voltage that typically happens over the length of a transmission line. The U.S. energy grid, Salamat notes, which is made up of metallic cables loses about $20 billion a year to dissipating current. What does all this high tech talk actually mean? It means that with UNLVs tech, Nevada can literally produce power in our state thru the means of utility scale solar and wind projects, and then they can send and sell that power to end users all the way in New York with zero energy loss. This will provide Nevada with yet another booming economic industry. We're not just Casinos anymore. We could power the US!!

       Back in 2011, the people at MIT developed a solar panel window. The windows are the solar panels. What a brilliant idea! I have been waiting patiently for solar tech to become a building standard across the nation, with new home builders offering solar package options on all of their new developments. California already passed a law for new construction solar requirements in 2020.. Who's next?

     How should you, the individual consumer, get started? The first step is to find out how much energy you use. Get your last electric bill and add up all the usage values for the last year. This is your usage and this is how much energy you need to produce to be a net zero household. You can reduce this amount drastically by making a few changes. First, how many light bulbs are in your home that are not CFL or LED? They should all be LED, but a good start is converting to CFL. Next, are your appliances Energy Star rated? Energy Star rated appliances work much more efficiently than older appliances. What kind of water heater do you have? Electric? Gas? Check out tankless options. They produce heat on demand and don't waste energy heating up a tank that just sits at the ready for the end user to turn on a faucet. Is your A/C unit an older unit? The A/C and the refrigerator are the 2 biggest power drainers in your home.  Newer A/C units have a much higher SEER rating, which means they are much more efficient. Got that all settled? Now it's time to get you some solar panels. Call me today to get started 702-285-3444.

     There are other ways to reduce your consumption. Take low flow dual flush toilets for example. In Australia, as far back as 2004, every single toilet in the country was mandated to be a dual flush toilet. They save billions of gallons of water every year. Compared to California usage, in 2009 Australia used 54% less water everyday per capita than their US friends. Why doesn't the US have these same standards? 

    Las Vegas is already a special place when it comes to water conservation. 40% of the water used in Las Vegas is indoor use, of which 99% of that is reclaimed and reused. Nevada has seen a huge boom in population over the years, but in 2018 Nevadans only  used 124 gallons per capita per day. That is a 38% reduction in per capita usage from 2002 numbers. It all has to do with our Conservation efforts. Nevadans are pretty frugal when it comes to water in the desert. 

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